MyBit Token (MYB)

Access Layer

The MyBit Token (MYB) is a utility token used to access the MyBit Platform and unlock premium features.

Tokens spent in the Access Layer are automatically burnt, meaning they are taken out of the supply forever, thus continuously reducing the total supply of MYB.

There are three access levels:

Level one costs 25$ per annum and unlocks investing.
Level two costs 75$ per annum and includes investing and staking.
Level three costs 100$ per annum and provides access to investing, staking and MYDAX.

Escrow and Locking

Asset Managers who maintain assets which need human oversight must lock a percentage of MyBit Tokens in an escrow contract as collateral. This creates an incentive to perform their duties and protect investors. Tokens in escrow remain locked until the asset begins generating revenue. When the asset’s return reaches 25%, the tokens will be available for withdrawal in increments.


Holders of MYB are rewarded for staking their tokens. This enables the MyBit Platform to achieve distributed consensus and increase the reliability of the entire Ecosystem.

How to Acquire

MyBit Tokens are available on several exchanges. For a list of markets you can view CoinMarketCap.

Mybit is available on these exchanges