The MyBit Platform

MyBit believes in the concept of co-creation. Community members guide our development with their advice, dedication and active participation in all aspects of the project. Join our community and get involved in our shared mission: to lead the way in the automated era.


Investors are the lifeblood of MyBit Go. They fund the projects they believe in, select Asset Managers and play an active part in guiding the project.

Who can invest? Anyone. Unlike traditional investment funds that require unrealistic amounts of capital for 99% of people, MyBit ensures everyone can access the best investment opportunities. And our investors get access to a multi-industry platforms, which means hassle-free investing across multiple markets, industries and countries.

MyBit is faster

Traditional funds pay out quarterly or annually. With MyBit, it’s in real-time.

MyBit is more profitable

Funds usually charge 3% fees and 20-30% of profits. With MyBit, it’s a flat 1% fee.

MyBit is empowering

Funds own your investment and any transaction must go through them. With MyBit, you control your money.

MyBit is safer

Investment funds expect you to trust their data. With MyBit, it’s backed by the blockchain.

MyBit is accessible

Traditional funds are for high net worth individuals only. MyBit’s accessible to all.

MyBit is global

Many funds are limited by geography. MyBit offers access to the global IoT market.

Asset Managers

Even an autonomous machine needs human oversight. This is where the Asset Manager comes in. They’re in charge of overseeing the management, deployment and maintenance of IoT assets, which lets investors sleep comfortably at night.

In return for their efforts, the Asset Manager receives a fair percentage of the asset’s revenue stream. The Asset Manager’s role is not only critical but it also offers people who aren’t able to invest (yet) the opportunity to get involved in the machine economy of the future. MyBit ensures that every Asset Manager is backed by a compulsory MYB deposit (escrow).


Partnering with MyBit Go is a great way to increase the distribution of your IoT products. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to a global marketplace. Your product is listed on the MyBit Go platform and is available to our global pool of investors.

Our investors pool together to finance your product and a payment is sent to you - just like a normal purchase. Then, you ship it and, when the asset generates revenue, the profits are automatically distributed to investors through the MyBit Go platform.